Corporate Events

March 5, 2019
Corporate Events

Why You Should Be Planning a Team Building Day

The workplace can often be a stressful place and, sometimes, tempers may flare and cause a disruption which can only have a negative effect on the […]
March 1, 2018

Things you should keep in mind for your next corporate party

Corporate reunions or celebrations are great team building activities, further they help form new relationships within an organization in a different environment from everyday office duty. […]
December 5, 2017

How to take care of your image during the New Year’s Eve corporate party

If you’re planning on attending your company’s new year’s eve party, you might want to make sure to moderate yourself and avoid making any faux pas […]
December 5, 2017

Are New Year’s corporate parties strategy or trend?

It is worth it to dedicate time and extra effort to these activities because they bond and bring people together. Party, many of us like the […]
December 5, 2017

Ideas for a new year’s corporate party success

The end of this cycle is coming, and companies are preparing parties to socialize and thank employees for all their work. From smaller to big companies, […]
May 24, 2016

5 Tips to Make Your Office Party Unforgettable

Are you in charge of planning the next office party? Do you want to make it the festive and unforgettable experience that you and your co-workers […]
March 29, 2016

Five Reasons to Host Your Annual Office Party in the Summer

People Seek Fun in the Summer It’s true! This is the season of vacations, parties, picnics, and family gatherings.  People love to let loose in the […]
February 4, 2016

Team Building Activities to Do Indoors, Part II

In the last post, we mentioned a few activities that you could do with your coworkers at an indoor party venue.  Team building games are a […]