Winter Decorations Made of Paper

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Throwing a party in winter with a polar vortex going can be tricky and if you want to decorate the venue of the event without spending too much or driving in the snow to the closest party decoration store, you can try the following winter decorations made of paper.

  • Paper lamps
    Instead of buying paper lamps you can make them at home. There are about a dozen different ways to make paper lamps at home. However, the easiest way to do it is by cutting several paper circles, all the same size.Then, draw an equilateral triangle on each circle and fold the outsides of the triangle towards the center of it. To assemble the lamp, grab the folded edges and glue the folded edge of one circle to the folded edge of other circle and so on until you create a paper sphere. Leave an opening so you can slide the light bulb in and repeat the process until you’ve covered all of your light bulbs.
  • Paper hanging mobile
    Paper figures, geometric or otherwise can be easily turned into a hanging mobile with the help of a nylon thread or a flexible wire. You can cut geometric figures or figures drawn with a stencil. Then, you can make knots on the nylon or wire to hang the figures there. The next step is repeating that process with several threads. Then, create a cross out of wood or metal and make small holes that you’ll use to hang the threads with the paper figures.
  • Origami table decorations
    If you want a hobby that helps you relax but you also want to have something nice to put on the tables of your event, try your hand at origami by creating origami figures to decorate your events’ tables. You can try swans, flowers and even more complicated figures depending on your party’s theme and your abilities.
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